About North of Grey

There is a place where classic elegance meets modern madness. Where luxury meets livability. Sleek style goes hand-in-hand with bridle leather. That place is North of Grey.

Journey to North of Grey.

Designer Caroline Groeneveld, who hails from Liverpool, adopted Detroit as a second home 3 decades ago. Just as Detroiters never truly leave the D, Groeneveld never left Liverpool. She sees many parallels between her two home cities and their inspiring transformations.

Her unique handbags reflect her loyalty to and love for both the USA and the UK. The color palette celebrates vibrant reds, whites, and blues. The designs are a salute to hard work. The bags are made in Italy from the finest Italian leather.  They are truly an internationally-inspired adventure.

“Functional bags for fashion-forward women who need everything at their hip.”

A businesswoman and mother of triplets, Groeneveld experienced a series of life-changing events that led her to a life-changing decision.  She left her successful interior design business to launch a new career.

Knowing that smart design—whether a building or a handbag—should enhance lives, she began her journey toward North of Grey.  The result is a line of thoughtfully and architecturally designed handbags for high-performing women.